Do You Need A Special Pillow If You’re Over 50?

soft pillowsAs you might already know, there are many types of pillows that are made out of different materials. Is there a specific type of pillow material that I would recommend? Of course. Unfortunately, the answer might not be very appealing to you. The softer a pillow is, the more likely that it is filled with goose feathers or cotton. These pillows usually give the softest and fluffiest feel that you’ll experience. It’s akin to sleeping on a bed of clouds, or at least it gives you the impression. Is it good for you if you have neck pain? This is where it gets bad. In most cases, a ‘soft’ pillow doesn’t give enough support for your neck regardless of how comfortable it is.

The best pillow for neck pain is the one that allows your spine to curve in its natural position when you’re asleep at night. It doesn’t really matter what kind of pillow brand you go for. What’s important is that the pillow filling and density is ideal for the type of sleeper you are, as well as the width of your shoulders. As your neck muscles gradually heal, you’ll find that any neck aches or pain that you may have in the morning will disappear entirely.